Microscopy Facility

Image Processing and Analysis

The following resources are available for image collection and/or analysis.

Software Programs for Image Analysis

  • AnalySIS
  • cellSens
  • DigitalMicrograph
  • ImageJ and LSM 510 plug-in
  • IPLab (with InFocus and InFocus Advanced Deconvolution)
  • Leica confocal software (extra off-line copy)
  • Leica LCS Lite [executable]
  • Olympus MicroSuite
  • newCAST (Computer-assisted Stereological Toolbox)
  • NIH Image
  • pFRET
  • Photoshop
  • Slidebook
  • Volocity (Visualization, Classification, Restoration/Deconvolution)
  • Zeiss Axiovision
  • Zeiss confocal LSM software (extra off-line copy)
  • Zeiss LSM Image Browser
  • Zeiss Zen (extra off-line copy)


  • Microtek AtrixScan 1800F
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