Microscopy Facility

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VCU Microscopy Facility
Department of Anatomy and Neurology
VCU School of Medicine
1101 East Marshall Street
P.O. Box 980709
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0709
Phone: 804-828-0949
E-mail: Scott Henderson, Ph.D.

For those who wish to use the facility but have not been instructed in the use of the equipment, training sessions may be arranged by contacting the facility director at extension 804-828-0949. Advice is available on a number of microscopy techniques including immunocytochemistry, live cell imaging, FRET, FRAP, image analysis and electron microscopy.

Microscopy Facility Personnel

Scott Henderson, Ph.D.

Scott Henderson, Ph.D.
Microscopy Facility Director
Phone: 804-828-0949
E-mail: schenderson@vcu.edu

Judy Williamson

Judy Williamson
Electron Microscopist
Phone: 804-828-9648
E-mail: jcwillia@vcu.edu

Frances White

Frances White
Microscopy Specialist
Phone: 804-828-9366
E-mail: fwhite@vcu.edu

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